Getting involved and making the most of your studies

You’ve probably heard it many time that you should really try to get involved when you go to university. This is especially aimed at the social aspects but its also so important to get involved in your lectures, seminars and tutorials. This will help you so much more when it comes to exams and assignments as you’ll be confident in the material and comfortable asking lecturers and seminar tutors for help.

I’ll admit in my first year I was fairly quiet in class. It was daunting being at university with this new style of learning and surrounded by people I didn’t know. I just needed to get used to this and did slowly become more talkative.

By second year, I had decided the best way to make the most of university was just to contribute as much as I could. I did the reading, asked questions, contributed to class discussions and gave forward my ideas. I definitely did this more in the second term and I really saw the difference, I understood the material more and felt I could get in touch with the tutors on sections I was struggling with or for essay advice.

So my biggest piece of advice would be to just get involved as much as you can. It can make the work so much more enjoyable when you’re properly engaged. By asking questions you are able to fill in the gaps in your knowledge. It can be scary to put forward suggestions in a room full of silent students where no one wants to speak but once you do it, you’ll have that sense of achievement. The best thing is to not worry about judgement, if no one else is contributing, you saying something that’s not correct allows for you to learn from this mistake and at least you put yourself out there. Also the more you engage the better relationship you will build with your tutors which is useful for when you need help or are looking for advice. So give it a go, put yourself out there and get out of your degree what you are paying for.

Remember as much as you are going to uni to have fun, you’re going to get a degree so make the most of it and enjoy your successes.

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