Staying inside

So last week, I got a dreaded text that someone I had come in contact with had tested positive for coronavirus meaning I would have to spend the next ten days self-isolating inside.

I had to say goodbye to my beach plans, my meal plans, my meeting friends plans and say hello to finding ways of entertaining myself alone in my room. The first thing I did was cry, I was so looking forward to making the most of my last couple of weeks at university but there was nothing I could do about it. I told myself after the isolation period I still have a whole week to enjoy at university before I leave Reading forever.

I decided the best thing to do would be to get started on the tasks I wouldn’t want to be doing when I got my freedom. I did a bit of work on my CV, started packing up things I won’t be using in the last few weeks and getting myself organised (I didn’t realise how many things I just had lying around that needed to be sorted). And yes, that all sounds very productive but I’m also taking it easy and remembering to look after myself. Drinking plenty of water, taking rests, listening to my body, getting a covid test (luckily it was negative).

I’ve also been making sure to see other people even if it is virtually. I’ve FaceTimed all my family, my boyfriend, other people I know are in isolation and spoken to friends to get me through. Other than that its been a great time for me to work on my different hobbies. I’ve been working on my blog, doing some paint-by-numbers, reading (reviews coming soon) and even learning Italian.

The first few days felt so long but the more I’ve worked out how to spend my days the quicker they go and the closer to freedom I become. I’ve also got into such a great sleep schedule lately so hopefully that will remain when I get back outside.

I have much to look forward to at the end of my isolation period which is getting me through. I’ll have one week left at university and I want to make the most of it!! My vaccine is booked I have days out planned with my housemates and a girls holiday with my friends when I return home.

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